ABC’S of prayer and building the alphabet of faith

The Lord’s prayer teaches us how to pray and begins ” Our father who art in heaven hallowed be your name”.  The prayer starts with acknowledging the holiness of God, with praising Him.

In times of doubt , which there will be because we do not walk by sight but by faith , praising God is hallmark to building up our faith.

Both prayer and faith begin with praising God.

Something that has become a part of my daily prayers and my daily faith is I start off with praising God using my ABC’s.  I go through the alphabet and praise God for who He is. Then I continue on by stating who I am in Christ through the ABC’s.  It changes and somethings I may say over and over and other days  I may find new praises and new promises … but it has become a part of my dialogue Him.  If I skip it for any reason, I actually miss it.  It takes me all of maybe 5 minutes to say this (the ABC’s) … maybe it took a little longer when I first began but it is surprising how quickly I can go through it.

It looks something like this …

Abba father you are an awesome God, you are my bountiful provider, your compassions never fail, Lord I take delight in you, you are everlasting, you are forgiving, all Glory belongs to you Lord, you are hope and health, you are my intercessor, my joy, my King, my Lord and my love, you are mighty and magnificent, you are near to me, you are overcoming – you have overcome death , you are passionate,purposeful,peaceful, and powerful, you are quintessentially the one and only true God, you are rest yet you are radical, you are reliable, you are savior, you are terrific, you are understanding- thank you God, you are victory God, you are wonderful, eXtraordinary in every way, your Yoke is light , and you are full of zest and zeal for you people and I, my family … we are your people dear Lord.

I am your adored, beautiful created daughter.  You have given me an eternal soul , you give me favor for I am your daughter, I am gorgeously made by you, I have your hope inside me, I am interceded for, the joy of Christ lives in me, I full of your kindness, your love, your might, you are near to me, I am an overcomer, I am obedient to my Lord, I have a purpose, I am passionate, I am quintessentially who God created me to be, I have your rest inside me, I am saved by grace, I am terrific, I am unique, I am victorious through Christ, I am wonderful – fearfully and wonderfully made , I am eXtraordinary, my Yoke is light in Christ, I am full of the Lord’s zest and zeal.

My prayers continue with bringing him my cares, asking for forgiveness of any offenses that I know and then those I don’t know, and reciting scriptures that are relevant to my walk and my life.  Some of my favorites are ” This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it”, ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” , ” I shall not be consumed because of the Lord’s great love … your compassions never fail.” ” Your mercies are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness”.  I generally recite scripture in the first person as it will pertain to me and often will use “your” for God as I am speaking with God at the time.

I usually end with what has become my personal goal and our family’s goal which is to be CLEAR.

C is to be Content and make the most with where God places us and with what He gives us.

L is be a light to each other and to others.

E is to endure, to press in and on, to fight the good fight of faith.

A and R are to be authentic and real in our walk … with each other … with others …. and with God.

The most important thing in all this … is that it is intimate, it is real … I can’t say it happened over night but when I started doing this day in and day out no matter what … it became less of a chore or a discipline and now it simply is just part of who I am with God.

It is my time with Him … it truly is a treasure.


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