Autumn Dance

Ecclesiastes 3:1
“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven”

The other day a friend and I shared a moment looking out a window and commenting on the spectacular beauty of Autumn. She shared a special memory of her daughter. Her daughter was young, dancing in the falling leaves of the trees as she came home from school . As her mother, she was watching her daughter walk up their driveway through the falling leaves. Her young, bright face full of wonder – taking in the beauty and majesty of the fall season as she skipped through the colorful leaves. They coined this time of year  “letting go”.  The trees would let go of their leaves and they would fall in a dance to the ground. As she shared this story with me it made me think of Fall as a wonderful illustration by God of surrender.

The trees let go and surrender their leaves. This process of surrender is a beautiful thing … the leaves change into glorious colors of reds, yellows, and oranges and then they ultimately drop and will be no more. Although the tree is naked and bare and the evidence of a coming winter is looming … the promise of Spring is also there. The trees give up and let go but in the Spring they will blossom, the letting go will lend itself unto a new season of birth , new life.

Just like the seasons in nature , we have seasons in our lives . We will go through times of birth and creation where everything is alive and new. We will also go through seasons of surrender , when we let go and that is most often followed by a winter. We may feel cold and naked but just like the trees “know” spring is around the corner … we can take promise in that too.

Whatever we let go of and surrender ,the death of that will give life to something new. This process of “letting go” , the act of surrender can be beautiful in our lives just as it is in nature.

Each season has a time and reason both in nature and within our live.  May we grab on to this truth and learn to see the beauty and maybe , like my friend’s daughter,  even dance in the process.



3 thoughts on “Autumn Dance

  1. Hi Jen I read your beautiful comments on if: equip and when you said you lived in Bethel I was so excited because I live in Wilton and have not found any other if: locals until now. Wondering if you’re involved in the February event and how maybe we could connect. I have been doing the F equip steady since day one but have never sent in any comments yet. I hope you don’t mind me writing you on this blog. I have three children in their 20s and I am a French teacher my husband is a worship pastor I look forward to hearing back

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