The Wind

The wind. You are that which I can not see, yet I feel you blow right through me … strong enough at times to even knock me over. You cool and refresh me on a hot summer’s night. I can’t capture you in a jar yet I can rely on your presence. Whether you are barely there in the slight graceful breeze that rustles through the trees or as mighty force to be reckoned with, blowing fierce in a storm. There are times when it seems you may be gone … hot , dry and barren … oh then I crave your breeze to blow. I open the window to let you in and yet other times I hide from your bitter cold. The wind. Beautiful, majestic, mighty wind.

God, like the wind, goes right through me seeing straight into my soul. He cools and refreshes me , yet terrifies me as I know all there is to see. I can’t capture Him or quantify Him yet I sense Him all the same. He is gentle and mighty. Graceful yet fierce.  I open the window to my heart to let him in. Whether I feel it or not I can take solace in knowing He is there. Beautiful, majestic, mighty God … let your spirit come upon me like the wind.


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