A Dependent Freedom


The tree

The tree grows with it’s roots firmly planted in the earth

The earth provides nutrients, stability and a place for the tree to become mighty and strong

The tree grows freely yet at the same time is dependent upon the earth

The earth does not rob the tree of life or take away from it … on the contrary it provides for it, sustains it and allows it to grow

A baby

A baby is protected by it’s mother

A mother’s eyes always keep watch over her beloved child

A mother holds her baby, nurses it, lulls it to sleep

The baby needs it’s mother for nurturing, love, and provision

God is our sustenance as the earth is to the tree

God is our nurturer and protector as the mother is to the baby

God does not take away our freedom , on the contrary He provides and He loves so that we may have it

Freedom is not the absence of this dependency; it’s the ability to grow, and become that which you were intended to be while resting in the care of God’s hands.


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