The sound of rain has been speaking to me all night. A quiet soothing. A lullaby. It speaks to me of God’s presence – comforting, sustaining, quiet, and still. But I have to awake to really hear the variations in between the drops. It’s a symphony with varying tones, with highs and lows. Yet if I let it fall to the background, it all really sounds the same.

God’s presence surrounds me at all times but when I pay attention I hear him in new and different ways – I pick up on the subtleties in His voice and what He may be saying to me. He is the same yet He shows Himself in new and different ways, revealing something new I did not know before.

Lord keep my eyes and my ears fresh and attuned to you. Let me not dull to your presence but to find the magic and mystery in the melody that you play over me.

“Be Still and Know That I am God”  Psalm 46:10most-beautiful-raindrops-pictures-19


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